Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri With High Success Rate

Top 10 Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri with High Success Rates

In the world of the infertility industry, infertility doctors play a pivotal role, especially infertility specialists. For infertile couples, infertility doctors are like a blessing for the intended couples. Doctors help infertile couples by fulfilling their primary dream of becoming moms and dads. The infertility doctors try their every possible effort to offer happiness in the homes of infertile couples. So if you are thinking about infertility treatments then try to choose an infertility doctor who provides successful infertility treatment. So to make your work easier we’ve researched and analyzed various infertility doctors that hold top facilities and skills. We have curated a list of Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri.

What are infertility doctors?

Infertility doctors are a type of doctors who treat the infertility of infertile couples. Infertility doctors are trained in gynecology and obstetrician. The main focus of infertility doctors is to treat reproductive problems in both men and women. Infertility doctors have detailed knowledge of issues like fallopian tube issues, endometriosis, uterine anomalies, etc. Infertility doctors have expertise in surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGD, PGS, etc.

How to choose the best infertility doctors in Siliguri?

Several factors need to be considered while selecting the best infertility doctors in Siliguri:

Qualification: Qualification is a crucial factor whether a doctor or engineer. Qualification is the key to skills and knowledge. A highly qualified doctor can provide you with a successful infertility treatment for the patients.

Experience: a great amount of experience defines the expertise of the doctor in his/her respective field.

Success rate: choose the infertility doctor that has a high success rate.

Communication: consider good communication with the infertility doctor as good communication with the doctor ensures successful fertility treatment.

List of Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri:

  1. Dr. Sindhu Bala
  2. Dr. Youmee Serpa
  3. Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy
  4. Dr. Monika Agarwal
  5. Dr. Vinayak Das
  6. Dr. Esha Sharma
  7. Dr. Shefali Bansal Madhav
  8. Dr. Yamini Agarwal
  9. Dr. Sailesh Roy
  10. Dr. Shanjoy das

Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri

1. Dr. Sindhu Bala (Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri)

Dr. Sindhu  Bala is the Best Infertility Doctor in Siliguri. She has work experience in Creation IVF Fertility Centre, Siliguri. She is a consultant-Obs & Gyn, infertility specialist. She holds an experience of more than 21 years in her respective field. She has expertise in various areas such as pregnancy and related disorders, TESA, Egg donation, abortion management, infertility issues, ovum donation, embryo donation, ovarian cyst treatments, gynecological cancer, preventive medicines, etc. Dr. Sindhu Bala is a highly educated doctor, she has a degree of MBBS.  

Address for an appointment: Sony Centre, Basement Floor, opp. Rishi Bhawan, Burdwan Road, Siliguri-734001, west Bengal, India.

2. Dr. Youmee Serpa

Dr. Youmee Serpa has an overall 12 years of experience out of 6 years as a specialist. She is a highly qualified infertility specialist. She completed an MBBS degree from the University of Manipur in 2012. There are various services offered by this doctor such as female infertility treatment, male infertility treatment, donor insemination surrogacy, egg donation, etc. Dr. Youmee has a specialization in gynecology and obstetrician. 

Address for an appointment: N/A

3. Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy

Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy helps patients to overcome infertility issues. Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy provides successful treatment to the patients. He is undoubtedly the best infertility doctor in Siliguri. He is currently spreading smiles to the faces of patients at Newlife Fertility Centre. He is a highly educated doctor and has gained an MBBS degree from the NRS Medical College under Calcutta. In addition, he has completed his residentship in Cardiology from the same NRS Medical College under Calcutta. Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy completed his master’s in gynecology and obstetrics from RG Kar Medical College in Kolkata. Additionally, the doctor is not only an expert in Surrogacy, IVF, and ICSI but also an expert in PGD, Fertility Preservation, and PGS.

Address for an appointment: 3rd mile, Sevoke Rd, opposite Mahindra showroom, Siliguri, West Bengal 734004

4. Dr. Monika Agarwal

Dr. Monika Agarwal provides exceptional care to the infertile woman. She has an experience of 14 years. Dr. Monika Agarwal is an amazing doctor who deals with high-risk pregnancies. She is a certified gynecologist and obstetrician in Siliguri. At Ganga Ram Hospital, she has been an ex-senior resident. She deals with the infertility issues. The services provided by Dr. Monika Agarwal are Gynaecology, obstetrics services, maternal care, fertility medication, IVF, and High-risk pregnancy, etc. With her skills and k knowledge, she made 5000-plus clients happy. She has received 10+ awards in the fertility field.

Address for an appointment: Manokamna Hospital, ISKCON Mandir Road, Sevoke Road, Siliguri-734001.

5. Dr. Vinayak Das

Dr. Vinayak Das holds an experience of 14 years. Dr. Vinayak Das is a highly skilled and educated doctor. His deep wealth of knowledge made the 2500+ patients happy. His 20+ awards show his popularity and knowledge. He ensures the successful treatment of the patients. Dr. Vinayak Das treats every patient with the latest technology and techniques. Dr. Vinayak Das is committed to offering successful treatment with unparalleled support and personalized care. Various infertility services are provided by Dr. Vinayak Das such as Surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, TESA, PGD, etc.

Address for an appointment: Nazrul Sarani, Pakurtala More, Ashrampara, Siliguri 734001, West Bengal

6. Dr. Esha Sharma

Dr. Esha Sharma is one of the best infertility Specialists in Siliguri. She poses an experience of 15 years in the fertility field as an IVF expert and Gynecologist. She specializes in infertility assessment, IVF, ICSI, IUI, sperm freezing, egg donors, etc. She holds a success rate in IVF which is up to 70% and in IUI up to 40%. Dr. Esha Sharma has various publications in national and international journals. Dr. Esha Sharma receives good reviews from her previous patients. Her skills and knowledge in the fertility field made her well-known. She talks concerning every patient. Her behavior towards every patient is polite and respectful. Her main concern is to provide successful treatments to the patients.

Address for an appointment: Siliguri, West Bengal

7. Dr. Shefali Bansal Madhav

Dr. Shefali Bansal Madhav Helps you to beat infertility issues and experience the happiness of becoming parenthood. She is considered the best doctor in Siliguri who provides top-notch quality infertility treatments to patients. Dr. Shefali Bansal Madhav has expertise in IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGD, etc. She has 50+ awards for successful reproduction and studies. She made 500+ women pregnant who suffered pregnancy loss. She maintains a healthy environment wherever she works. She is a humble and polite doctor. She has a goal of fulfilling the dreams of infertile couples.

Address for an appointment: 2nd Floor homeland business centre, opp. Mahindra Showroom, Near Vega Circle Mall, 2nd Mile, Sevoke Road, Siliguri, West Bengal 734008

8. Dr. Yamini Agarwal

Fulfill your parenthood dream with Dr. Yamini Agarwal. She is a great fertility specialist in Siliguri. Dr. Yamini Agarwal treats patients with the help of modern technologies and the latest techniques. With her skills and talent, she provides a high success rate to the patients. Dr. Yamini Agarwal is recommended by her previous patients. She has expertise in surrogacy, IVF, IUI, PGD, PGS, etc. She is a highly qualified doctor from a famous university. She holds tremendous experience of 8 years in the fertility field. Dr. Yamini Agarwal is a kind and friendly doctor. She speaks politely with every patient.  

Address for an appointment: 3rd office tower, UTTARAYAN, Ground Floor, Unit G0001 Block-G, Matigara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010

9. Dr. Sailesh Roy

Dr. Sailesh Roy is a gynecologist and obstetrician doctor in the city of Siliguri. He offers infertility treatments with excellent care and facilities. Dr. Sailesh Roy is a popular doctor in Siliguri. He has in-depth knowledge in his respective field. Dr. Sailesh Roy possesses high qualifications. He is a doctor who is always available for his patients. Dr. Sailesh aims to expand the families of the infertile couples. He is committed to offering happiness to the families of infertile couples. Dr. Sailesh ensures a high success rate and top-notch quality treatments to the patients. Dr. Sailesh believes in a holistic approach towards the patients.

Address for an appointment: Nazrul Sarani, Pakurtala More, Siliguri West Bengal.

10. Dr. Shanjoy das

Get infertility treatment from Dr. Shanjoy Das. He is a top-notch quality infertility treatment provider in Siliguri. Dr. Shanjoy Das has done many complicated infertility treatments. He deals with the infertility issues of infertile couples. Dr. Shanjoy Das has a great success rate in the fertility field. Dr. Shanjoy Das speaks politely with the patients. He provides emotional and psychological during the entire infertility process. Dr. Shanjoy Das ensures unparalleled care and support to the patients. His mission is to bring joy to the families of infertile couples. Make your infertility journey beautiful with Dr. Shanjoy Das.

Address for an appointment: Shantiniketan apartment, kalamjote, Siliguri, West Bengal

Why choose Siliguri IVF Centre for infertility treatment?

Siliguri IVF Centre is eastern India’s leading fertility Centre in Siliguri that provides high-quality treatment to patients. Siliguri IVF Centre has a great presence in all the major cities of India. Our fertility centre offers the perfect and suitable fertility solution for you. The Siliguri IVF Centre is equipped with experienced doctors, nurses, and medical staff. Siliguri IVF Centre has many years of experience. Our fertility centre fulfills the need of infertile couples struggling to achieve pregnancy naturally. Siliguri IVF Centre takes every client with a commitment to giving infertility treatment with a sky-high success rate. Our fertility centre has gained multiple certificates for offering excellent infertility treatment to patients. The services of Siliguri IVF Centre are Surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGD, and many more. Our fertility centre believes in creating a strong bond with the patients which can help in increasing the chances of successful treatment. We have a mission to provide every couple with a happy family.


Choosing one of the best infertility doctor in Siliguri is a crucial and challenging work. The infertility doctors of Siliguri balance medical expertise, unparalleled support, personalized care, and successful and positive outcomes. Try to consider the factors such as the experience of the doctors, patient reviews, qualifications of the doctor, infertility centre’s success rates, and communication of the doctors with the patients. Overall, the best infertility doctor in Siliguri is a mixture of medical excellence with compassion. They guide you in every step of your infertility journey. Hence, infertility treatment is a challenging journey toward building or expanding your family.

FAQs about best infertility doctor in Siliguri

How to choose the right infertility doctor in Siliguri?

Some factors need to be considered while choosing the right infertility doctor in Siliguri. The factors involve a doctor’s experience, success rates of the doctor, previous patient reviews, etc.

What infertility treatments do infertility doctors commonly offer in Siliguri?

The infertility treatments commonly offered by infertility doctors are IVF (in vitro fertilization), IUI (intrauterine insemination), infertility medications, and surgical procedures.

How long does it typically take to see results with infertility treatments in Siliguri?

The results of infertility treatments vary, Some patients may achieve success within a few cycles of infertility treatment on the other hand some patients may take longer periods or cycles of more than 1 or 2.

Are infertility treatments covered by insurance in Siliguri?

Infertility treatments are not covered by the insurance. However, some infertility doctors provide financial assistance to the patients. Financial assistance includes installments and loans.

Which infertility doctor provides quality treatments to the patients in Siliguri?

Dr. Sindhu Bala, Dr. Yamini Agarwal, Dr. Youmee Serpa and Dr. Monika Agarwal are some best infertility doctors who offer quality treatment to patients. 

Which fertility centre has the best infertility doctors?

Siliguri IVF Centre has the best infertility doctors who treat patients with extra care and support.

How much do infertility treatments cost, and are there financing options available in Siliguri?

Every infertility treatment has different prices such as the surrogacy treatment cost is up to 14 lakh and IVF for one cycle takes up to 1.5 lakh.

Which fertility centre is best for infertility treatment?

Siliguri IVF Centre is best for infertility treatments as it provides top-notch quality treatments to patients. This fertility Centre ensures a high success rate at affordable prices.

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