How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Sikkim 2024?

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Laws of Surrogacy in Sikkim

As per the surrogacy regulation act, 2022, the commercial( the surrogacy which allow compensation or payment to surrogate mother for her services) and traditional surrogacy is not allowed in Sikkim. If someone practices these types of surrogacy then the individual is punishable by a 10 years jail and a fine of Rs. 10 lakh. According this law, only altruistic surrogacy is allowed in Sikkim. Altruistic surrogacy involves a surrogate mother who is closely related to the intended couples. She may be a friend, relative or close one. However, in this surrogacy, the surrogate mother receives no payment except medical expenses.

Surrogacy Cost in Sikkim

Actually, surrogacy is a complicated and expensive procedure. Surrogacy involves another woman who is willing to help in caring for your baby. Surrogacy involves factors such as legal aspects, surrogate mother, medications, etc. but still, this procedure is affordable in Sikkim as compared to other Western countries like the USA, UK, Russia, etc. In the USA the cost is up to $100000 which is the most expensive but in Sikkim, the cost is affordable and pocket-friendly. On average, the Surrogacy Cost in Sikkim is up to 15 lakh. However, if you consider the other cities or places in India. The cost of surrogacy may increase. Choosing the perfect centre will help you to get an affordable surrogacy procedure. The cost in Sikkim is fair and low but still, some individuals are unable to afford so for them some centres in Sikkim like Siliguri IVF Centre assist in solving the issue of high prices by offering them suitable payment methods such as instalments, packages, loan, etc.   

Table of Surrogacy Cost in Sikkim 2024

Surrogacy processCost of surrogacy in Sikkim
Surrogacy with own eggs and own sperms15 to 18 lakh
Surrogacy using donor eggs15 to 20 lakh
Guaranteed surrogacyUp to 16 lakh
Surrogate mother5 to 6 lakh
IVF and Embryo transferUp to 4 lakh
Normal vaginal delivery costUp to 35k
Cost of surrogate mother’s test and preparationsUp to 1.2 lakh

Table of cost of surrogacy in Different areas of Sikkim

Surrogacy in Sikkim AreasCost of Surrogacy in Sikkim (in lakhs)
Surrogacy treatment cost in Sikkim15 to 17 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Gangtok15.12 to 18.85 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Mangan15 to 20 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Namchi15 to 20.98 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Geyzing15 to 20.98 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Pakyong15 to 20.98 lakhs
Surrogacy treatment cost in Soreng15 to 20.98 lakhs

What you should consider while selecting surrogacy in Sikkim?

Here are some key points that need to be considered while selecting surrogacy in Sikkim:

  • Select a surrogacy Centre with a successful track record. The centre should be recognized and reputable.
  • Before engaging in the procedure, understand the legal aspects, laws, and regulations related to surrogacy in Sikkim.
  • Set your budget, understand and analyze the cost involved in surrogacy, and compare the cost of different surrogacy Centre then choose the centre that matches your budget.
  • Consider the experience and qualifications of doctors and clinics involved.
  • Check if the surrogacy centre provides enough support and care.
  • At last, before starting surrogacy, consult with a fertility specialist to get guidance and support throughout the entire surrogacy procedure.

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