Top 10 Best Gynaecologist Doctors in Siliguri with High Success Rates

Top 10 Best Gynaecologist Doctors in Siliguri with High Success Rates

If you’re looking for some amazing gynecologist doctors in Siliguri? Then you have come to the right page. Here we have listed the top 10 Best Gynaecologist Doctor in Siliguri. The doctors are experts in their respective fields and can provide you with the excellent care and support possible. The doctors in this guide are highly qualified and educated from the Calcutta universities. They all have an amazing experience of several years in the fertility world. So let’s begin this article and explore these doctors. 

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Get the baby in your lap with the help of Siliguri IVF Centre. Our fertility centre is one of the best fertility centres in Siliguri. Our fertility centre has 25+ highly qualified specialists committed to offering top-notch fertility treatment. Our doctors and medical team are friendly and respectful towards every individual in the fertility centre. Our fertility centre has received 10+ awards for the best fertility treatments. It’s been 20 years and we are still dedicated to offering our high-quality fertility treatments to patients. With the help of our skills and modern technologies, we made 1000+ deliveries. Our mission is to help families have babies and provide a healthy and friendly patient environment. 

What are gynecologist doctors?

Gynecologists doctors are a type of doctors who specialize in treating the reproductive health of females. A gynecologist treats the issues related to the uterus, breasts, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Gynecologist doctors provide reproductive and sexual treatment to females including cancer screenings, tests, pelvic exams, and vaginal infections treatment. Most of the gynecologist serves as an obstetrician and provide care during the pregnancy and birth of the child. This type of gynecologist is commonly known as OB/GYN.

Charges of Gynecologist Doctors in Siliguri

The Best Gynecologist in Siliguri consultation charges start from 500 and range up to 1500 INR. The fees of infertility treatments provided by the Best Gynecologist in Siliguri may vary on various factors such as clinic, success rate, experience, type of infertility treatment, location, etc. Moreover, factors like previous medical history, cause of infertility, etc can also contribute to the charges. However, it’s important to remember that different fertility doctors have different charges for infertility treatment in Siliguri. Our fertility centre’s doctor (Siliguri IVF Centre) has affordable prices as compared to other fertility clinics in Siliguri.

What you should consider while selecting the gynecologist doctors in Siliguri?

Here are some key points that need to be considered while selecting the  Best Gynaecologist Doctors in Siliguri:

  • Select the gynecologist doctor with a successful track record. The doctor should be recognized and reputable.
  • Set your budget, understand and analyze the cost involved, and compare the costs of different infertility doctors then choose the doctor that matches your budget.
  •  Consider the experience and qualifications of doctors and clinics involved.
  • Check if the infertility doctor provides enough support and care.
  • At last, before starting infertility treatment, consult with a fertility specialist to get guidance and support throughout the entire infertility procedure.

What is the success rate of gynecologist doctors in Siliguri?

The success rate of gynecologist doctors in Siliguri depends on various factors including the age of the women, experience, and skills of doctors and fertility centres, cause of infertility, and number of embryos transferred. On average, the success rate of infertility doctors in Siliguri ranges from 50 to 80%. The success rate also depends on modern reproductive technologies and equipment.

List of Best Gynaecologist in Siliguri

  • Dr. Biswajit Dey
  • Dr. Sindhu Bala
  • Dr. Akansha Gupta
  • Dr. Anup kharel
  • Dr. Monika Agarwal
  • Dr. Himanshi Agarwal
  • Dr. Bindu Kela Ghosh
  • Dr. Vinayak Das
  • Dr. Sailesh Roy
  • Dr. Neelam Singla

Best Gynaecologist in Siliguri

1. Dr. Biswajit Dey (MBBS

Dr. Biswajit Dey is a highly experienced doctor in Siliguri and qualifies for MBBS, GDO, MD, FICOG, FICMCH, etc. Dr Biswajit Dey has 12 years of experience in the field of infertility. He is an expert in infertility and laparoscopy surgery. Dr. Biswajit Dey is connected to the Medica North Bengal Clinic which is located in Pradhan Nagar. He holds various professional memberships as a Life Member, the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India a Life member, Indian Medical Association, etc. he is available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Services: Surrogacy, IVF, TESA, MESA, etc

Success rate: 70 to 80%

2. Dr Sindhu Bala

Dr. Sindhu Bala offers excellent treatment to the patients. The doctor has 26 years of experience in the infertility world. She is considered one of the amazing doctors in Siliguri. Her exceptional care and support, skills, and talent towards the patients made her successful in the infertility industry. She provides emotional and psychological support to the patients. She treats the patients with the help of modern technologies equipment and techniques. She is dedicated to providing her services from Monday to Sunday but the schedule for Sunday is different. She offers various infertility services such as gynecological cancer treatment, treatment of ovarian tumors, painless normal delivery, myomectomy, etc.

Services: surrogacy, IVF, consultation, IUI, PGD, PGS, etc

Success rate: 68 to 75%

3. Dr. Akansha Gupta

Dr. Akansha Gupta specializes in providing medical and surgical infertility treatments to patients. She holds the degree of  MBBS and MS. She has an experience of 5 years. She has expertise in various infertility areas such as laparoscopic procedures, hysteroscopic procedures, intrauterine growth retardation management, menstrual problems, infertility, ovarian cysts, tumors in the uterus and ovaries, sterilization, detection and treatment of cervical cancer, etc. Dr. Akansha Gupta treats every patient with advanced reproductive equipment. She undertakes the cases with the commitment to providing success. She even treated the difficult cases with positive outcomes. She provides the treatment during this time- Monday to Saturday 7 pm to 9 pm.

Services: surrogacy, laparoscopy, IVF, IUI, hysteroscopy, ICSI, PGD, etc

Success rate: 62 to 75%

4. Dr Anup kharel

Take the first step to the path of parenthood with Dr. Anup Kharel. He has 11 years of experience providing fertility services in Siliguri. Dr. Anup Kharel is a highly qualified doctor and he holds a track record of various successful infertility treatments. He tries his best to provide positive outcomes in one attempt at infertility treatment so that one can have their baby in their lap. Dr. Anup Kharel provides fertility treatment at affordable and fair prices. To maintain a good track record, dr. Anup Kharel makes sure to return the couples carrying the baby in their hands. He makes sure to expand the families of couples and fill their homes with giggles of babies. 

Services: consultation, IVF, IUI, surrogacy, PGD, HSG, etc

Success rate: 58 to 60%

5. Dr Monika Agarwal

Dr. Monika Agarwal offers a high chance of conceiving a baby with the help of her talent and skills. She makes every possible effort to provide you and your partner with a healthy baby. she makes the journey of infertility joyful by eliminating unnecessary charges. The success rate and good track record the proof of the success of Dr. Monika Agarwal. She is dedicated to filling your home with the happiness of having a child. Whenever she takes consultation, she makes to keep the environment healthy and friendly. She promises to provide treatment at affordable cost along with ensuring a high success rate. She keeps transparency with the patients. She offers emotional and psychological support and care to the patients. Dr. Monika Agarwal uses advanced technology equipment to treat patients.

Services: consultation, infertility treatments, IUI, IVF, embryo transfer, etc

Success rate: 55 to 65%

6. Dr. Himanshi Agarwal

Dr. Himanshi Agarwal is also one of the best gynecologists in Siliguri. Dr. Himanshi Agarwal is an obstetrician and gynecologist in Siliguri. She treats the patients with their best possible efforts. She is a skilled doctor who works with dedication and enthusiasm to offer top-notch quality treatment to patients. Dr. Himanshi Agarwal treats the patients with advanced and modern technology equipment. She is committed to offering you a beautiful journey of infertility treatment in Siliguri. Dr. Himanshi Agarwal provides top-notch quality treatments to patients or individuals. She ensures a comfortable, healthy, friendly environment with the patients. She ensures a high success rate at justified prices. She makes sure to not charge extra and keeps transparency with the patients in terms of cost and procedure.

Services: surrogacy, IVF, IUI, PGD, PGS, ICSI, embryo freezing and transfer, etc

Success rate: 55 to 60% 

7. Dr Bindu Kela Ghosh

Start the journey of infertility with Dr. Bindu Kela Ghosh. She is the doctor who interacts patiently with the patients and with every individual in the centre. She is such a calm doctor who dealt with the problems patiently. She takes consultation and makes sure to provide a healthy environment to the patients. She ensures to make your journey of parenthood beautiful and joyful. Dr. Bindu Kela Ghosh has expertise in various treatments such as surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, TESA, MESA, PESA, etc. 

Services: IVF, surrogacy, TESA, MESA, PGD, IUI, ICSI, etc

Success rate: 50 to 58%

8. Dr. Vinayak Das

Dr. Vinayal Das is an obstetrician and gynecologist in Siliguri. He holds an experience of 14 years. He made 2500+ patients happy and received 20+ awards in the infertility field. He stands out as the best doctor in Siliguri for offering the best infertility treatment to the patients. He has an amazing track record of success rates. He undertakes the every type of infertility treatment whether it is easy or difficult. Dr. Vinayak Das ensures premium quality treatment. He is a highly qualified doctor in Siliguri and holds a degree of MBBS. His in-depth knowledge and talent ensure that the baby is in the lap of the couple.

Services: surrogacy, consultation, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, IUI, IVF, ICSI, PGD, etc.

Success rate: 52 to 64%

9. Dr Sailesh Roy

Dr. Sailesh Roy has the qualifications of DGO- the University of Calcutta-2003, MS(gynecology)- University of Calcutta-2005, FICMCH- University of Calcutta-2010, FICS- International College of surgeons-2014, FMAS(Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery)-Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India-2016. He has tremendous experience 19 years in the field of infertility. He has a specialization in gynecologists and obstetricians. Dr. Sailesh Roy holds a successful track record. He treats the patients with modern technology equipment. He ensures to provide emotional and psychological support in the low time of the patients. He makes sure to fill your home with the happiness of having a baby.

Services: IVF, IUI, PGD, ICSI, HSG, PESA, TESA, etc

Success rate: 40 to 55%

10. Dr. Neelam Singla

At Paramount Hospital, she is a gynecologist and obstetrician in Siliguri. She is one of the top infertility specialists in Siliguri who holds an experience of 18 years. She has amazing experience in hysterectomy and laparotomy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy, ovarian surgeries, high-risk pregnancies, menstrual health, infertility, etc. She is a senior consultant and has an education in MBBS and MS. She treats patients with a commitment to providing successful treatment. Dr. Neelam Singla promises a baby in the hands of infertile couples.

Services: surrogacy, consultation, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, TESA, PESA, ICSI, IUI, etc.

Success rate: 38 to 50%


In conclusion, infertility treatment from the best doctors in Siliguri is the best option as this city offers the highest success rate, availability of egg donors, availability of experienced doctors, skilled medical staff, latest technologies and equipment, etc. However, before taking infertility treatment in Siliguri, It’s necessary to research and analyze the doctor and clinic. Choose the doctors that meet your requirements. In this article, we’ve mentioned the Best Gynaecologist Doctor in Siliguri. We did a thorough research about the doctors then curated a list. In addition, try to select a doctor who has high skills, qualifications, a high success rate, and can easily tackle the issues of the patients.

FAQs About best gynaecologist doctors in Siliguri

What is the cost of infertility treatments in Siliguri?

Different infertility treatments have different costs in Siliguri such as surrogacy costs up to 14 lakh, IVF costs up to 1.5 lakh, HSG costs up to 1700, ICSI costs up to 1 lakh, etc.

What is the success rate of gynecologist doctors in Siliguri?

In Siliguri, the doctors perform very well. It’s because of their talent and in-depth knowledge about the fertility industry. Their skills and hard work maintain a high success rate for gynaecologist doctors in Siliguri. On average it ranges from 55 to 80%.

Which fertility centre has the best gynaecologist doctors?

Siliguri IVF Centre consists of one of the best gynaecologist doctors in Siliguri. Their 25+ doctors and specialist works with great enthusiasm and hard work. They ensure to offer successful infertility treatment to the patients.

Name some doctors that offer the best infertility treatments in Siliguri.

Dr Biswajit Dey, Dr Sindhu Bala, Dr Akansha Gupta, Dr Anup kharel, and Dr Monika Agarwal are some doctors who offer the best infertility treatments in Siliguri.

How to select the right gynaecologist doctors in Siliguri?

Some factors need to be considered while selecting the right gynaecologist doctors in Siliguri such as qualification, experience, success rate, and reviews from previous patients.

How much does a gynecologist charge for consultation?

The gynecologist charges around 500 to 1500 INR for the consultation.

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